The Whole Life Challenge

For years, LiveFIT has hosted some amazing weight loss challenges! We strive to keep you on your toes with new programs to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals.

And now it’s time for more!

The Whole Life Challenge is a New Year’s Challenge that goes beyond nutrition and exercise.  Players get points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits:


Two things come to mind when I think of how to add value and success to our weight loss challenges.  1.) I often hear “my kids won’t eat foods on this meal plan so it makes it hard for me to stick to it”. 2.) I frequently witness issues with accountability when someone doesn’t have a team to stay motivated and accountable with.

We are offering a solution to both of those problem with the WLC! You do NOT have to be a member at LiveFIT or even live nearby to participate. Your family, friends and co-workers can participate on their own level with their own goals, regardless of their age.

The Challenge is simple – you will spend 6 weeks improving your health, happiness, and overall connectedness.  The end result… weight loss!

Read the WHL Quick Guide here!

Register for the WLC EARLY BIRD price of $39


There are a number of chances to win prizes each week through your participation in the WLC.  No, you don’t have to perform perfectly but we want to see you give your BEST and will reward those efforts.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge for participation, pre-workout to post-workout assessment improvement AND a special LiveFIT Member (optional) Cash Prize will be given out based on an InBody assessment.

>>>Members Only OPTIONAL $20<<< 

This prize is based on Inbody results.
Achieve points for:
>1 pound of fat loss = 1 point

>1 pound of muscle gain = 1 point
>Loss of % of body fat = 1 point
Includes a before and after InBody assessment
Must attend 3 weekly LiveFIT classes and the WLC for each of the 6 weeks to qualify
$350 cash prize for the winner for this special category only

You do not have to come to LiveFIT to participate in this exciting challenge!  Sign your family, co-workers and friends up to live a healthy life in 6 weeks!

WLC Sign Up for Early Bird by January 3rd!