Theme: Keep Climbing

I am back with fresh energy and focus after attending a retreat with my Todd Durkin Mastermind family.  I arrived with the intention of seeking ways to elevate the impact of the LiveFIT community, to look for opportunities and seek insight and wisdom from not only TD, but other fitness professionals.  And to have some FUN!  I’m sharing a summary of my top takeaways!

1.  FOCUS is the new IQ.  I love that concept.  We discussed and journaled our goals for the next 90 days, 1 year, 2-3 years and 5-10 years.   Setting goals clarifies FOCUS.

2.  REFLECTION.  This retreat not only reenergizes my mind, body and spirit but it is a great opportunity to remind myself of WHY I do what I do.  And to be totally honest… it’s the people.  YOU.

3.  OVERCOME COURAGEOUSLY.   We all have obstacles in life and it’s up to us to not only overcome but to survive these challenges but to overcome courageously.

4.  PRACTICE POSITIVITY.  If you look for the good, you will find it.  Looking for the GOOD creates HOPE regardless of how dark things seem.

5.  YOUR CHOIR.  In regarding relationships and connections, who is in your CHOIR?  Those are people who get you and sing your song.  These people we deeply trust (it changes as we age).  Write those names down!

6.  SELF CARE.  We are often so busy of taking care of others, we do not do thing things to take care of ourselves.  SELF CARE = SELF LOVE  Cultivate healthy habits with the inside/out approach: nourish your body with healthy foods, exercise, rest, managing stress, play, prayer, etc.  What does your body and soul need?

7.  EMBRACING FEARS.  What am I afraid of?  Why am I afraid of it?  What would happen/I do if I weren’t afraid of it.  FEAR is calling you to be more of who you should be.  Embrace it.  Sure it’s scary… it’s fear! Use FEAR as fuel.

Which of these hits home with where you are right now?  FOCUS on it and GROW through it to make you BETTER today.

Telluride is amazing! If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it! The gondola, the weather, the mountains, the town – it is all so beautiful and even peaceful. The resort was outstanding, and being in the mountains always elevates us on all levels!

My BIGGEST takeaway can be summed up in three words – LET IT GO!  That was a message that seemed to keep appearing for many in my team. Let go of the things that are not serving you. Let go of the fears. Let go of the things that are holding you back. And KEEP CLIMBING!

Here for you,