How has Livefit Boot Camp impacted ME?

I’m Ryan Tucker and I have been attending the 5:15am boot camp 3 times a week since January of 2012. How consistently? Very consistent. When a couple of friends (both male) and I heard about Adina’s boot camp, we inquired about the classes and the 3 of us decided to give it a try…all with different motives. One wanted to get in shape for a ski trip, one played football in college and knew he needed to be back in better shape, and I used to love to exercise, but that was over 12 yrs and 5 kids ago. Our biggest concerns were would it be challenging enough to keep our interest and did GUYS really attend.

Here is what we found at our first class. It was a cold January morning. We did mostly plyometric exercises (explosive moves) and I thought I was going to die right there in Arlington’s Town Square. It was challenging enough that I decided that if I could move the following Monday, I would crawl back and have another go. After the first few workouts, there was no doubt in my mind that the intensity level was enough for men and women alike. We are all working at our individual levels and pushing ourselves so hard that the whole gender thing is not an issue.

So, that’s a nice story, but what are the results? Absolutely outstanding! My weight the year before averaged between 180 to 186. Those numbers began to drop quickly. I’m now at 155. My pants size dropped from a 36 to 32s. I feel great about myself and I am very proud of the accomplishments that got me to this level. Drop down and give me 50! No problem! Dad, you want to play basketball? Yes, but you are not going to like it, son! Hey, Ryan, you want to train for the marathon with me next year?

These are not things that were happening or questions being asked of me last year. And the crazy thing is that even though I, along with others, have pushed our bodies to higher levels. The workouts don’t get easier. I still get sore every week from new moves and increased intensity. The group training and the push from the instructors keep you digging deeper to see what new level you can reach. And now, LiveFIT has added TRX classes – unbalanced resistance training.

Ryan Tucker – Enterprise Realtors – Arlington, TN