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My name is Emily Wilson and my goal for every woman is FREEDOM. 

We live stressed out lives, rely on other people for our happiness, settle for mediocre relationships, believe our jobs suck, over stretch our schedules, and in an attempt to medicate the symptoms of all this chaos and unhappiness, we look for something quick and easy to distract us. Some women use drugs, some alcohol, some over spending, some use unhealthy relationships. I have a history of using food.

In an attempt to distract myself, I used food to help me go unconscious in the moment, to prevent me from feeling whatever feeling I wanted to avoid. This resulted in years of living in defeat, and deciding what I could or could not do based on the size of my body. Using food kept me in chains, drained my energy and prevented me from looking outward at what I really wanted to use my one and only life to accomplish.

I learned to plan and prepare simple, healthy meals, to practice regular exercise, and I developed the desire and discipline to stay committed no matter how many times I fell down. I learned that self-control brings emotional freedom, managing my thought life provides mental freedom, and that feeling great and full of energy brings physical freedom.

But true freedom doesn’t lie in what your body looks like or how thin you are.

It is the managing of your mind: discovering what damaging belief systems you hold, learning to feel your feelings and not react and choosing to think on purpose that will BREAK THE CHAINS and allow you to LOSE THE WEIGHT and discover the path that leads to FINDING YOU.

Now what about YOU? 

Do you want freedom? Do you need to find the courage to take back your life so that you can be the YOU that you were created to be? Do you need steady accountability to shed those extra pounds and to learn how keep them off?

I will take a small group of ladies who are looking for motivation and accountability, and coach them toward their weight-loss goals. For six weeks, I will be your personal health and fitness coach, will work with you to set nutrition and weight loss goals, and will help you understand how to manage your mind so that you can achieve permanent results. I will help you learn to properly feed your body so that you can achieve your desired weight-loss and start feeling like YOU again.

Before the session begins, I will meet with you individually to get to know you and understand your needs, and will help you set personal weight-loss goals. Included in the personal coaching package you will receive a pre and post InBody assessment, nutritional information/counseling, and regular personal accountability.

As a personal coaching client, you will be required to exercise at least three times weekly, record all food intake in My Fitness Pal and (learn to) plan and prep your meals in advance.

If you want to feel your very best so you can BE your very best, but you need direction and accountability, I can help!

SIGN UP for this personal coaching session that runs August 17 to September 28 and get started on reaching your goals!

$310 per six week session   This session will fill up!  Payment secures your spot.  Space is limited.

If you have QUESTIONS or want to SIGN UP, contact me at

“I have worked with many trainers over the years, but Emily is by far the only one who works not only on the body but also the mind and soul to produce the best version of you that you can be.”  ~Krista 

“It’s been 7 months since I signed up with Emily for her Personal Coaching session and it was hands down, the best decision I’ve made!!! Emily taught me how to train my mind and body to live healthy. She didn’t do it for me, she taught me how to do it. She would post live videos on the groups private facebook page and the things she would say were exactly what I needed to hear at that time, usually exactly what I struggling with. She sent me texts checking on me and it was always at the perfect time. It’s like she knew I was sitting at a ball game thinking about buying a snickers at the concession stand, LoL.I did two sessions with Emily and I lost over 20 lbs. I was committed 100%. I felt like I did great, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall back to my old ways so I signed up for another session. I had a few moments of feeling like a failure but Emily taught me to recognize what I did, why I did it and how to snap out of it and get back on track immediately. By the end of the second session I felt confident enough to do it on my own. I even took everything I learned from Emily and influenced my husband to change his eating habits. He’s lost 20 lbs just by clean eating with me.Emily truly cares about everyone she comes in contact with and wants to help them be the best they can be! She helped me feel like ME again, to get my confidence back and to change my lifestyle for good! My new way of living is clean eating and working out at least 3 times a week. I couldn’t have done it without Emily!” ~ Starr

“Emily’s coaching reminded me that I am in control of my emotions/feelings/self worth. Not something or someone else.” ~Amanda

“Making the decision to do personal coaching with Emily was absolutely one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is so encouraging, and pushed me everyday to make sure my mind was in the right place!I learned so much from her coaching and have continued to stay on track with the knowledge that I gained from her session. Emily helped me start a healthier lifestyle -and I am so grateful to her for believing in me. When she asks you how much you want her to be up in your business – just tell her 100%! Believe me, you will never regret it!” ~Brandy

“Emily’s personal coaching sessions aren’t just about losing weight. She got personal with each of us, taught us how to eat the right amounts of the right foods to fuel our body, and enjoy it! Emily has been available to answer questions, listen to frustrations, but most of all, she ENCOURAGES US ALL EVERY SINGLE DAY! She truly cares about my well-being! I’ve loved every day of this session and would recommend it to anyone.” ~Amy