Perfect Ten Program

overcomersDo you want ACCOUNTABILITY during the Summer months?

The Perfect Ten program is for anyone!  Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up online and pay $10 to participate.

  • Attend a minimum of 10 LiveFIT classes in June and 10 LiveFIT classes in July.  No exceptions.

  • Get your $10 back with a free class credited to your account!

This program is for anyone!  If you want to stay accountable over the Summer months and AVOID the WEIGHT GAIN ROLLER COASTER, this is a great incentive!

Biggest Loser SPECIAL OFFER: If you completed your Biggest Loser final assessment,  participate in the Perfect Ten, do an InBody assessment (included for BL finishers) around the first of August, don’t gain more than 5 pounds from your final BL weight and get an ADDITIONAL $10 LiveFIT credit* to your account!!  Final InBody must be completed by August 4th!

*Credit is not applicable towards memberships.

Sign up HERE to stay on track, enjoy the summer and NOT sabotage all of your hard work!