New Client Special


New To Us?

 If you are looking for a fitness community that will take you in, build you up, and have you leaving stronger than you were before, LiveFIT welcomes you with open doors and an invitation to come check us out.

The best way to get a feel for the LiveFIT community and see if we are the best fit for you is to come in and try a few of our classes. Take advantage of our new client special 30 days for $30. Take up to twelve classes to experience all that LiveFIT has to offer. Get ready to be welcomed into a workout community where overcoming challenges and pushing limits is a part our daily routine.

Know that all classes are energy packed, challenging, yet cater to all levels.  You don’t have to be “in shape” to start!

Check out our FAQs here!

 If you’re ready for serious fitness and serious fun, join the MOVEment at LiveFIT Studio. You’ll never know until you try!