Shed and Share

{The Basics}

Age: 37
Profession: Speech Language Pathologist
How long have you been on the weight loss journey? 3 years
Weight Loss and Inches: 33 pounds & 25.5 inches

{Your Story}

What was your Low point? My low point occurred on June 12, 2015. My husband and I were on a cruise with several other couples. On this particular day, all of the wives decided to take a group picture on the beach. When we took the picture, it was myself and about six or seven other women. When I saw the picture, my heart sank. I realized that almost every woman in the picture was either older than me or had twice as many children as me. At that moment, the lightbulb went off in my head. I had been believing the lies and excuses in my head that I was out shape due to getting older and/or having two babies via C-section. But the hard truth was….I just wasn’t taking time for myself.
I wasn’t taking time to take care of myself, and therefore, I was not able to be the woman that God designed me to be. I had been thru a rough year with post-partum depression after my second baby. But at that point I had a two-year-old and an almost 4-year-old. Something needed to change…so that I could be the woman, wife, and mother God designed me to be.
How did you get started? So my journey began on that day!!!!! I came home and got to work. I cleaned out our kitchen of processed foods and we started “eating clean.” I also started running. It was the easiest and cheapest activity I could find that fit into our crazy life. I would run 3-4 times per week for at least 30 minutes. I started running between light poles. I would run to one…..then walk to the next…then run…then walk. I had no stamina or endurance. I started from the bottom. I was the most out of shape I had ever been in my adult life. But I just kept going and eventually, I was running 5ks which then led to completing 8 half marathons! I felt that I was finding balance in my life for the first time in a long time. I knew that for the crazy season of having little children the only things keeping me sane were Jesus and running.
After about 2 years of running I began feeling as though I needed to do more. My kids were a little older at that point—and I felt as though running was amazing, but my body did not look the way I knew it could if I added weight training. About that time, in August 2017, my sweet friend Heather texted me and asked me if wanted to join her in a TurboKick class at LiveFIT. I was hesitant, but agreed. Change and new things can be intimidating and hard….but I felt I needed to give it a go.
The minute I walked into the doors of LiveFIT I felt the Holy Spirit and God’s hand completely all over every single inch of LiveFIT. I knew this was what I had been missing. Running was a solo deal for me…but LiveFIT gave me an amazing workout and also the opportunity to be part of a community. Being part of something like LiveFIT allowed me to see that I could continue to change my life AND my family’s future in overall health and wellness.

What is your workout and eating plan?

 For my eating plan we do “clean eating”. I have breakfast around 6/7am, snack 1 around 9:30/10am, lunch around 12pm, snack 2 around 2/3pm, dinner around 5/6pm. To be completely honest my weakness is sweets…so some nights around 8/8:30pm I have something healthy, cold, and sweet. I also love pizza!!!!! So, most Friday nights at our house are pizza and movie night!
My goal every week is to get in 4 workouts. I love getting in a 5th one, but a lot of weeks that is challenging for our busy schedule! I still love running, but due to plantar fasciitis in my left foot, I can’t do it often. My favorite classes are Pure Power, HIIT, Cardio Kick, and Bootcamp.

{Help Us}

My top 3 or 4 resources that have helped me along the way?
My relationship with the Lord!!!!! He is the one who has been trying to tell me my entire 37 years on this earth that I’m worthy…..I’m good enough….I’m strong enough…and that I can do anything I set my mind to. He is constantly there in my corner telling me “you can do this”, “you can do this” , “you can do this”.

My amazing husband…… He has been there from the first day I said I was done! He is completely supportive of my entire journey! He eats whatever I put on the table, never complains, encourages the kids to eat healthy and try new foods, and has now started running himself. He has loved me at every size and shape, BUT wants ME to be happy and will keep encouraging me no matter where this journey takes me!

I also have to get have a huge credit Pinterest. It is my go to for what we eat. We love to try new things. I hate cooking and eating the same meals over and over. I can always find healthy, budget friendly, and delicious options!!!!!

Lastly, but not the least….the LiveFIT community and all it encompasses. I am so grateful for Adina that she started this amazing place!!! All of the pieces fit together like a glove!!! Every instructor, class, piece of merchandise, challenge…all make this place what it is….wonderful!!!

One piece of advice you would give someone sitting on the sidelines waiting? The one piece of advice for someone who sitting on the sidelines waiting is….. JUST DO IT!! I have had so many people asked me how in the world did you begin your journey? How did you start running? How did you get to running half marathons? How did you lose weight? How did you keep the weight off?

Just get out there–do what you can do–the only competition you have is what you did yesterday!!! Go out there run for one minute– go out there and take the first class–BUT give it your ALL! Your only competition is yourself!

One piece of advice you would give someone who is discouraged?

Do your best and let God take care of the rest.

As women so many different things affect our weight, stamina, emotions, etc… However, if we each do our best with every day you will have no regrets!!! Do not beat yourself up if you were not fast enough today! Do not beat yourself up if you made an unhealthy choice at lunch today or had too much dessert!!! Just get up, brush yourself off, and keep going!!!! God will take care of all of the details as long as you are doing your BEST!!!!!