{The Basics}

Name: Dana Viox
Age: 51
Family: My husband Dale and I have been married for 14 years. I have 3 children. My oldest son Zac is 21 and a junior at MTSU. My daughter, Taylor is 19 and a sophomore at the University of Memphis and my youngest son Jackson is 10 and is a 5th grader at Arlington Elementary School.
Profession: I am a registered nurse. My full-time job is with Arlington Community Schools as the Nursing Coordinator and the Coordinated School Health Specialist.
How long have you been a part of the LiveFIT team? I began my love for LiveFIT as a customer in May of 2012. In 2014, I became a member of the team.
What classes do you teach? I teach Turbokick and PiYo.

{Your Story}

What inspired you to start a career in fitness? My love for dance is what got me started in a career in fitness. At the early age of 5, I participated in many forms of dance and maintained that through my early 20’s. It was a great way to relieve stress and keep weight off in those post college years. I believe that is what sparked my interest in keeping healthy and then inspired me to do more in my physical fitness journey. After years as an instructor with another fitness brand, I decided to branch out to other types of group exercise which lead me to Turbokick and PiYo. I have been certified in these since 2014. I recently received my group exercise certification and I hope to be teaching other types of classes at LiveFIT in the near future.
What do you love about your job? I love the people! I love our LiveFIT family. I am so honored to be part of such a wonderful community of loving and inspiring women and men.

What is your favorite workout to do on your own? I love running! I love how I can do it alone or with a group. Sometimes you get your best soul searching done on a solo run!
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Bible study, reading motivational books and spending time with my family and friends!

{Help us!}

What are 3 things people may not know about you?
1.) I have been a registered nurse for 23 years.
2.) I was a Jazzercise instructor.
3.) I completed a full marathon (one and done) in 2016.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is on a journey to lose weight, but feeling discouraged? Mindset is Everything! If you allow your mind to talk you out of taking that step to make positive changes in your life, you will never realize your full potential toward a better version of yourself.

Anything else you would like to share? Never stop reaching for your goals!