Meet the Trainers

{The Basics}
Name: Amy Emerson
Age: 44
Family: Husband, Brad, and four daughters: Ainsley (16), Shelby (13), Whitney (8), and Bethany (6)
Profession: Fitness Coach
How long have you been a part of the LiveFit team? Three years
What classes do you teach? At LiveFit I teach PiYo. I also teach Barre, HIIT, Senior Fitness, and sub just about anything!

{Your Story}

What inspired you to start a career in fitness?

As a child, I was always the tallest one in my class and was what people lovingly called “big-boned”. I was on dance team through middle and high school, but never stepped foot in a gym. College consisted of no physical activity whatsoever and started an unhealthy relationship with food. I continued to gain weight and not work out into my late 20s. After my oldest child was born, I started working out with friends to lose my baby weight. This started a cycle of fitness, dieting, weight loss, pregnancy, weight gain, and childbirth that repeated itself for over 14 years! About eight years ago, I started running with no strength-training or cross-training. Then 4 years ago, I started attending bootcamp at LiveFit and eating clean. Once I added in the bootcamp and changes in my diet, I saw major results – weight loss, muscle definition, and an increase in my running speed. I looked and felt better and was so proud of what I had accomplished – finally an achievement that was mine and was not related to being someone’s wife or mother! I knew I wanted to help other women achieve this success, so I pursued my PiYo certification and ACE Group Fitness certification. I am currently working on my Personal Training certification as well as a certification in pre- and post-natal fitness.

What do you love about your job?
There are so many things! I love helping people – especially women, moms, and seniors. I love to teach and coach people to be healthier versions of themselves. I love building people up and seeing them achieve things they never thought possible! And of course, I love the endorphins at the end of a good workout!

What is your favorite workout to do on your own?
If I’m not teaching, I like to run, do Club LiveFit, bootcamp, yoga…actually pretty much anything! I don’t like to get into a rut, so I prefer to change things up all the time.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Between driving the mom taxi and working I don’t have a lot of spare time! The free time I do have I like to spend reading, going to the movies, running outside, and listening to good music.

{ Help us!}

What are 3 things people may not know about you?
1.) I like to sing and I sing in my choir at church.
2.) I am a native Texan (grew up in Dallas) and I would give my right arm for a good Tex-Mex cheese enchilada!
3.) I love to enjoy a cold, locally-brewed draft beer. 🙂

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is on a journey to lose weight, but feeling discouraged?
I recently posted on my Facebook page that getting healthy is not “before” and “after”, but instead “before” and “to be continued”. Making healthy choices, whether that is food, exercise, quiet time, etc, is something that we all have to pursue daily and even minute by minute. We are each individuals and will progress as our own pace. If you have reached a plateau, change something up – even something small. Try a different workout – more cardio/less strength training; more strength training/less cardio; make a small change in your diet (more veggies, less processed food, etc); drink more water; keep a food journal. Continued repeated effort over time WILL produce results – I promise! Okay, so I just re-read the question and realized that it said “one piece of advice” – oops!! Lol!!

Anything else you would like to share?
I think I speak for all of the LiveFit coaches when I say that we are truly here for each and every one of you. We want to see you become the healthiest, strongest version of yourself – body, mind, and soul! Please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me at any time!! I would love to help you out any any way possible!