Keep the Pounds from Coming Back

If you don’t want to gain the weight back you’ve lost, keep doing what you did to lose. It’s as simple as that. Don’t backtrack. This is obviously easier said than done because it happens often. Anyone who loses weight can gain it back. Even those who did it on TV. That’s why you have to stay on guard! This doesn’t mean you can never have a slice of pizza or take a day off from exercise, but as you know by now, you cannot think of this in terms of “I went on a diet, I lost weight and now I can go back to normal!”

You now have a new normal. Everything you did to lose weight is normal for you now. And the life you were living before was not normal, or you wouldn’t have been unhappy with where you were. You didn’t know what normal looked like before. Now you do.

I also encourage you not to be obsessed with the scale. Be confident and empowered by looking back at all of the hurdles you overcame.

You won’t be surprised to hear me say this: Your state of mind is everything. It’s key to keeping the weight off. Dealing with your issues (what drives you to emotionally overeat). Believing in yourself. Both of those things are critical.

When you are finally sick of making excuses for yourself and finally start to believe you can do it – that will turn your life around. For good!

Stick with what helped you be successful. Keep educating yourself on living healthy.

One thing that almost everyone says after they have changed their eating and exercise habits is that they feel a lot better. Don’t lose sight of how good you feel when you are exercising regularly and eating well.

If you want to keep the weight off, be competitive with yourself. Each week, do better than the one before. Set new goals. Try new things. Don’t stand still.

Pay It Forward
Taking on a challenge to change your life requires that you be self-centered, at least for a while. But when you’ve achieved your goal, the beauty is that you get to help other people follow suit. You get to pay it forward.

When I started LiveFIT I was truly just trying to keep my head above water and find a job. I loved group fitness. So much. But who knew as a group – as a community – we were about to start such a movement?

Staying on track is easier when you involve others. I eat better when I’m watching or helping someone change their diet because I know they are watching me.

There are so many ways to help someone. Pick a family member, someone from church, a neighbor or a parent of your child’s friend. Regardless of how you see it, your story is inspiring! I really believe the entire weight loss process is to become a better human being. None of us live in a hole. It’s so much easier to live a healthy life when those around you are doing the same. Knowing someone else is looking up to you, gives you incredible accountability. What is life really about if it’s not about service? Giving back and contributing to other’s wellbeing gives great purpose. Share your experience! Don’t strive to be perfect. Strive to be connected.

Be bold. Make decisions that inspire you. Challenge yourself. Turn off the TV for a solid week and see how much extra time you have to improve something in your life. Grab control of your life. After all, you only get one.

Determine what you want out of life, then go get it! Don’t let a defeating attitude stop you. Don’t be a victim. Deal with the parts of you life that need it and fight each day for WHAT. YOU. WANT. Because you are worth it. Say to yourself – I’m going to fight each day because I’m worth it. Say it a hundred times each day until you believe it. Because I already do. I believe in you.

I hope that to see YOU this week! Show those lies that they are just what they are… lies.

Let’s do it!