Age: 53

Profession:  Dental Assistant

Weight Loss/Inches: 25 pounds and 23 inches during the 8 week Biggest Loser Challenge


I am a grandmother and have 3 sons, 30, 28 and 14 years old.  After turning 40 and my third son, my body and ability to keep the weigh off totally changed. I did the typical yo yo dieting, trying all the “new” helps.  Working 4 days a week, as a dental assistant, and being very busy serving in church and other ministries, I had trouble making time for intentional exercise. The first time I heard about LiveFit Studio was from a friend that was doing classes to be healthier.  I admired her so much and thought I could not “do” those type of classes.  Another friend asked me to join her when signing up for the Biggest Loser competition. It encouraged me to have someone to do it with.

At the weigh in, I told my coach my goal was to lose 25 lbs during the competition and then 20 more.  I am blessed with a husband who is very supportive. We did the meal plan together and he packed my lunch and snacks most mornings. The intentional planning of eating right, booking my classes and daily accountability was what made me successful.  I pushed myself in Cycle, Barre and TurboKick classes. I have had knee surgery and had to “modify” many things. I was definitely not the best in class, but I challenged myself at my level. The instructors are great to show you how to fit the classes to you and their passion is fun and contagious.

It’s hard some days to stay intentional but I start each one knowing now, I can!  If you are wanting a change, you have to take that first step, be intentional and find accountability. I did not want to let my friends down during the competition and now I don’t want to let myself down.  

LiveFit has many types of classes. I found what I enjoyed and worked for me.  All types of people are in these classes and you don’t feel uncomfortable to go as you are.  Food has to be managed, but the exercise keeps me going.