Age:  43

Profession: Regional Marketing Director with Nerium International

How long have you been on this weight loss journey?   3 months

Weight Loss/Inches: 17 lbs/20.5 inches


What was your “low point”? I got out of the habit of exercising for a year, plus changed jobs from a strenuous job to a sedentary job, and gained 25 lbs.  My clothes weren’t fitting, and when I stepped on the scale in August, I knew I had to do something quick! 

How did you get started?  LiveFit offered a “Rock your Jeans” challenge, and my besties from Bootcamp encouraged me to participate with them.

What is your workout routine and eating plan?   It’s so hard to pick one favorite workout plan, but my top 3 are Bootcamp, cycle, and Pure Power.  Bootcamp is fun and energetic, as well as a great time to catch up with my friends.  I burn so many calories in cycle that I’m on top of the world the rest of the day, and Pure Power makes me realize I’m much stronger than I ever imagined I would be.  My favorite eating plan is the one put out with the Rock your Jeans challenge.  It’s all about meal planning!


What are your top 3 favorite resources that helped you along the way?
1.) meal planning
2.) my Rock Your Jeans teammates (who will be life-long friends!)
3.)The trainers at LiveFit

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is sitting on the sidelines and waiting?  Don’t wait!  I was terrified to begin LiveFit.  I thought I would be the biggest, most out of shape person there, and that people would treat me differently because of it.  That is so far from the truth.  LiveFit is a place of all races, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels.  I fit right in from the beginning, and it’s felt like home ever since.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is in the process but is feeling discouraged?  We all have bad days, and days that we could have done better with our eating or exercise.  Tomorrow is a new day, so dust yourself off and hop back on the wagon!

Anything else you would like to share?  Without the encouragement of the trainers and my friends at LiveFit, I would still be sitting on my couch getting bigger.  I love the accountability, friendship, and support this group offers!