Shed and Share

{The Basics}

Age: 38
Profession:  Assistant Principal
How long have you been on this weight loss journey?  3 years
Weight Loss/Inches: 20 pounds, 10 inches. Went from size 10/12 to an 8.

{Your Story}

What was your “low point”? Easter 2013. I had bought a cute new shirt to go with my white pants and could not wait to get dressed up and take a nice Easter picture with my cute family. 😕 Truth: My shirt was so tight I had rolls, I was uncomfortable in what I thought would be a cute outfit and that’s when I realized something had to change. I was eating lots of junk (mainly candy) all the time because it was what was around and it was easy. I was tired all the time due to lack of sleep and just felt gross.
How did you get started? I was one of those occasional workout people. I’d run a few miles or try a yoga class, but was never consistent. And I ate what I wanted. Not a good combo for me.

Easter night I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an informative video about the paleo diet. It talked about eating clean and it’s impact on your overall health and most importantly for me at the time-SLEEP and energy! The next day I committed to giving it my all because while I did want to lose weight, what was more important was being healthy. Not just for me, but for my kiddos.

I also decided to challenge myself physically. I enjoyed the occasional 5k, but had never done a half marathon. I decided to sign up and go for it!

Next thing I knew, I had dropped 20 pounds and completed my first half marathon!! After that my neighbor and LiveFit Partner in Crime- Carey Wright, convinced me to try Bootcamp. I thought she was crazy to get up to workout at 5:00 a.m., but thought I’d give it a try! This began my new love affair with LiveFit (❤️ being active and fit!)
What is your workout routine and eating plan? I go to 5:00 am classes Monday through Friday (Bootcamp and Pure Power are amazing). My motto- Never miss a 5:00 a.m. Workout (Even when the radar is all green! ☔️). Occasionally, I’ll challenge myself with an additional class. Some of my favs: Ashley Hardin’s Barre class, Amy McDaniel’s Butts and Gutts and Dawn Owens’ CardioKick!!!

I’m always seeking a new fun way to challenge my body. This past year my husband and I completed our first Spartan race and Tough Mudder together! I encourage all couples to do this! Great team building and SO MUCH FUN! Our next adventure: Warrior race! Come join us!

My eating plan- Planning ahead is key! My husband and I share a “note” on our iPhones and plan our menus and grocery list. We enjoy doing this together because we feel great when we eat great! The bulk of what we eat is fresh and I’m a sucker for some leftovers the next day.

Cut out sugar and no dairy. I know! No sweets and No cheese 😩. I replaced sweets with fruit and dark chocolate and have cheese occasionally. This helped in the stomach area for me.

I’m now working with Dawn Owens to learn more about what my body needs while working out. I’ve added one Shakeology a day and can’t wait to see how this impacts my fitness journey!

{Help us!}

What are your top 3 favorite resources that helped you along the way?
1. Carey Wright-My accountability partner. This girl is AMAZING! We continue to build each other up, share recipes and laugh at ourselves while on a quest to remain healthy and fit. I’m so lucky to have her in my life!
2. My husband (Jason D. Walker)- my rock! We have been on this LiveFit fitness journey for @ 2 years together. He has found a passion for working out through Men’s Bootcamp with Josh Nix and Ryan Faulk! We are constantly discussing our sore muscles and how our butts got kicked in the LiveFit classes 😂 He is very supportive of me as I work on whatever fitness goal I’ve set and most importantly-we do it together.
3. LiveFit community- EACH instructor has touched my journey in one way or another! I thrive off positivity and try to be that positivity in what I do everyday. To be surrounded by a positive atmosphere while you work out, is incredible! No matter where you are in your journey, each instructor is there to help you be successful! This quote sums up my relationship with LiveFit: “surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.”.)

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is sitting on the sidelines and waiting? You CAN do it! Set a small goal and go for it! Sometimes a slight shift in your thinking can make the difference! I decided to do it to feel better. Losing weight was my bonus!

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is in the process but is feeling discouraged? We are imperfect and human! Tomorrow is a new day! We are going to mess up. That’s ok. Start over tomorrow. Just don’t give up on yourself! YOUR body deserves the best. You are in control and YOU will thrive! Need help? Reach out to LiveFIT whether it’s in person, on the Facebook platform or during a class. We’ve all been there in some way!

Anything else you would like to share?. Find an accountability partner! If you need one, call me! Carey and I will pick you up! 😉.

And no matter what, have FUN with it!