Sarah began her fitness journey in high school while playing soccer. When she went to college and was only playing in her free time she gained more weight than ever. “I was 21 and in the worst shape of my life, I knew something had to change.”

Since then she has gotten married and is a mother of 2. Over the years she’s done everything from hip-hop dance classes to crossfit. She’s a certified group fitness instructor and has taught dance, total body conditioning, bootcamp, and core classes for the last 3 years. Her hobbies are Spartans, not running, and hanging out with her church small group girls.

“When I first started teaching fitness classes I kept coming to the phrase “Grace & Effort”. These workouts, these food decisions, these long days. They aren’t easy! It takes hard work, dedication, and EFFORT to live a lifestyle unlike a lot of the people that surround you. Don’t think of this life as a diet or a workout plan that you will eventually finish. Think of it as a learning experience that you can take with you for life! The changes you want to see in your body are all up to you. I can’t make every food choice for you or choose to do your workouts for you. If you put in the time, you put in the hard work, and you put in the dedication, you will see results!
And now for the GRACE. You will mess up. You will probably eat cake on your birthday, or the Doritos you bought for your kids, or drink a Coke with popcorn at the movies cause your significant other bought it. No judgement here of course, but you will! The key is to bounce back and don’t give up because you missed a few classes and ate bad. Wake up the next day and say today is not yesterday and I will make better decisions today. Be proud. Love who you are and respect the hard work you put into choosing a healthier lifestyle. Give yourself some grace.
I am so blessed to be your help in this process! Please feel free to ask me anything or just fill me in on your life. I can’t wait to get to know all of you! With a whole lot of effort and even more grace I’m looking forward to being on this journey with you.”