CLEAN EATING.  It’s something we aspire to do.  We know we will feel good when we eat REAL food.  But it’s not so easy, is it?  If you are like me, I find myself overwhelmed by the shutterstock_135242600thought of organizing meals, recipes and creating a plan to eat in a way that I will not only lose weight, but have a stronger immune system, have more energy and FEEL better.

This plan offers delicious food that is easy to prepare and will have a positive effect on your body.  You can begin your own challenge at ANY time or you can join a large group through LiveFIT starting January 4th!

If you are looking for a diet, I want to stop you here.  Clean eating is a way of life.  This is a plan to help you shift to eating real food.


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Many of you know the power of clean eating.  It works because it satisfies a basic urge in us to eat foods that nourish.  There is so much more than just stuffing a greasy cheeseburger into our faces!  That leaves you wanting more, while eating clean leaves you happy, content and without cravings that drive you to the pantry when you are not even hungry.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

A lot of times people simply do not how to eat healthy food on a regular basis.  I’ve been there!

Follow this amazing plan and you will find the foods your body craves without breaking the bank.  These meals are easy to prepare too, because you’re focusing on using simple ingredients.

All of these recipes include REAL everyday ingredients, that you can prepare quickly.

This is a great plan for the every day person who wants to lose weight, feel better and enjoy what they are eating!

Studies show over and over that if you can stick to something (like clean eating) for 30 days, you are much more likely to make it a long term habit.  The problem is most people don’t know what to eat next, get frustrated and give into temptation.

The first 30 days are the most challenging because you are kicking an addiction of eating the wrong food.  

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Mix and match meals from this plan, go shopping, easily prepare the food and you are all set!


Included in this plan is:

Where to Start Guide

When to Eat Guide & Tips

Week 1, 2, 3 & 4 Plan & Shopping Lists

150+ Recipes

Menus & Lists

There is one more factor required in shifting to a clean food diet.

And that’s a community, a support group of other people who are also trying the Unknownrecipes, preparing the food, snacking on smoothies, and tracking their meals.  So rather than sending you out into the wild to find others following the guide,  I’ve also created an exclusive Facebook group for customers of this program.  

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Q: I have placed my order.  Please help me find where to find the files, recipes, etc?

A: We will email you all challenge materials as soon as we receive your order.  If you have not received anything within the expected time frame, please email us at:

Q: How much does this cost? Is there a monthly fee?

A: The entire bundle is a ONE TIME payment of only $42.

Q: What do you consider clean food? Our family eats primarily Paleo/Primal (we do some dairy, little to no grains, and no gluten.

A: Our recipes are VERY similar to what you do…although, we do have several servings per week of Oatmeal or quinoa, occasionally brown rice. Very little dairy. 99 percent Gluten free. A huge amount of people who follow my recipe eat the way you do & they find something they love almost daily!

Q: My children & husband are very picky eaters. Are there recipes they will enjoy?

A: I have a home full of picky eaters & these recipes are what I feed them!  Give it a try and encourage your little ones (or big ones) to try some new things out.

Q: I didn’t start on January 4th like a lot of others.  Will I still get support and access to the private FB group?

A: Yes!  We anticipate many people joining the group and will continue to share motivation and encouragement along the way!  This is not just a 30 day thing for many – it’s a change in how we eat!

Make the shift to CLEAN Eating for 30 days and discover how GREAT you can feel!